X-Ray Film

Ozark Imaging distributes high quality X-Ray film at cost-effective prices. We offer private label film that is shipped out quickly and efficiently. If you are in need for a specific type of film feel free to contact us with your request. We offer many types of film including dry view and laser imager film as well.



Half speed Blue Film has exceptional clarity and can be used with all examinations. The soft, blue tint evenly filters the harsh fluorescent illuminator light, while providing outstanding clarity.






Green Film is a high contrast, orthochromatic film designed for general radiography using green emitting intensifying screens. The high contrast of green enhances image sharpness with high resolution for general radiography and special procedures.


Full Speed Blue film is high contrast, blue sensitive medical x-ray film for use with blue emitting intensifying screens. Its ideally suited for use in general radiographic procedures with calcium tungstate or rare earth blue intensifying screens



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