Digital Radiography Systems

Ozark Imaging offers a variety of cutting-edge (DR) Direct Digital X-ray Systems from today's top manufacturers. We offer the DR systems by Quantum and Cannon. We install DR systems in all types of medical, veterinary and chiropractic facilities. Call us today for more information on DR technology, we are glad to educate you and provide you with all the details necessary in order to make the right decision.

We also offer cutting-edge:
PACS Solutions
CR Systems


iCRco Crystal IP

Crystal IP® imaging plates are the next evolution in phosphor screen technology. This advanced imaging detector uses needle-shaped crystals positioned side by side, resulting in a greater packing density and more efficient x-ray absorption in the active area. Crystal IP® is incredibly efficient. It provides up to 50% less dose, lower noise, reduced scatter, and increased eraser speeds that result in faster overall cycle times.



iCRco Air DR

Introducing the latest in DR innovation from iCRco, the AirDRc. A fully-ruggedized, cassette-size, wired flat-panel DR engineered for the modern healthcare professional. The detector provides integrated AED (Automatic Exposure Detection) which allows for seamless, retrofit integration and no-hassle implementation into your practice.



iCRco iDR

Introducing the iDR: a high-resolution, DR solution designed for the modern practice. This affordable fixed panel deploys a unique scanning DR technology that allows for a direct digital workflow at a much lower cost than standard fixed DR panels. iDR produces amazing image quality and is backed by powerful optics, sensors, and a solid-state, mechanical drive system.



Vieworks Alto DR

The Alto DR by Vieworks utilizes the newest patented wave of DR technology - AED (Automatic Exposure Detection.) This technology requires no integration to the x-ray generator.




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Featured Systems

iCRco Air DR
Cutting-edge DR system featuring the next generation of image processing.

iCRco Clarity PACS
Clincally proven workstations designed to optimize workflow in all healthcare environments.

iCRco Chrome CR
A lightweight, compact, tabletop scanner designed specifically for the modern practice.