CT / MRI Systems

Ozark Imaging is here to assist you with CT and MRI systems. We offer affordable systems to fit any type of facility. We represent today's top name brands in the industry including GE. We service all the systems that we offer including installation, application and warranty labor. Count on us to provide you with the utmost service and support.

We also offer cutting-edge:
PACS Solutions
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GE Lightspeed

The GE Light Speed ushers in the next generation of CT technology, bringing a distinct set of new capabilities beyond those offered by conventional multi - slice helical scanners. Volume coverage, not slices, changes the way anatomy is imaged and how studies are performed.



GE Signa HDe 1.5T Magnetic Resonance

With the average hospital using three times the amount of energy an equivalent sized commercial building does, there is a need for more efficient technology in the healthcare industry. GEs Signa HDe was inspired by the GE China marketing team and designed in Japan to save energy through software and hardware integration, as well as through water-cooling technology.




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Featured Systems

iCRco Air DR
Cutting-edge DR system featuring the next generation of image processing.

iCRco Clarity PACS
Clincally proven workstations designed to optimize workflow in all healthcare environments.

iCRco Chrome CR
A lightweight, compact, tabletop scanner designed specifically for the modern practice.